Saturday, 24 August 2013

KSFE One Time Settlement of Chitty & Loan Defaults for Low Interest

As one additional gift to our subscribers in this Onam season, KSFE has announced One-Time-Settlement (OTS) scheme for clearing defaults of both prized and non-prized chitties and loan accounts. The features of the Scheme are as follows.

  • The scheme is applicable for all defaults commenced on or before 31-12-2011.
  • Part remittance of default is allowed, but the interest concession is only effected on clearing all dues within the campaign period.
  • Default accounts where the principal outstanding is below Rs.5000/- and where there are no remittance in past three years, can be settled by remitting only the principal amount.
  • No interest of any kind will be charged if the total interest exceeds the loan amount.
  • Prized chitty subscribers can settle their default by remitting only 10% interest.
  • Non-Prized chitty subscribers can settle their default by remitting only 50% of the interest.
  • Only 12% simple interest will be charged for settling CVL & TFS defaults.
  • No Penal Interest will be applicable for settling RCL, HP, NHFS & NFDL defaults.
  • NCL accounts of running chitties can be settled by paying only 12% simple interest.

The current OTS scheme will be available for two months from 16-Aug-2013 to 15-Oct-2013. Contact the Branch Manager for more details.


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