Monday, 8 April 2013

How to Find Your Chitty Due Detail from Monthly Chitty Intimations?

We are getting many requests for monthly chitty due detail information. As it is almost impossible to deliver personalized due detail information, we are sending a consolidated chitty due detail information for a month. The report covers all running chitties and any prompt customer can easily find his/her chitty due amount together with many other details. Below is how,

1. Cl = Chitty Class.
2. Int = Current/Due Chitty Installment.
3. Dura = Total Number of Monthly Installments.
4. Due Amt = Current/Due Installment Amount
5. Prize Chi = The Chittal Number Winning the last Auction.
    How to Interpret

    The easiest way is to locate your chitty number is by date. Find your chitty due date (if it is a holiday, then the next working day), and you can easily find your chitty number there. Then you can find details about your current installment, due amount, chittal winning  last auction, etc.

    Note: We are only uploading chitty due details of our KSFE Vellarada Branch, if you need due detail information of other branches, please inform concerned branches via mail or phone. Or you can use the new Chitty Auction Details Portal of Please click on this link for more details.



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