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  • Chitty is one-of-a-kind traditional savings-come-loan scheme for everyone.
  • Chitty is far better than most of now-a-days micro or macro banking schemes.
  • We offer chitties of all possible denominations to help subscribers to meet their custom demands.
  • The minimum prize amount for a chitty number is 70% of sala and maximum is 95% of sala.
  • Know more about KSFE Chitty Scheme.


  • Sugama is our saving-bank like account where one can invest and withdraw money any time they want.
  • 5.5% interest is paid semi-annually according to the lowest monthly balances.
  • Sugama acts as a safe and sound transaction scheme for automated chitty installments payments, deposit interest withdrawals and day-to-day dealings.
  • Sugama accounts can also be used as security for Chitty future liability.

Fixed Deposits

  • For investments from 1 to 3 years.
  • Investments are 100% safe with Govt. guarantee.
  • KSFE generally offer better interest rates compared to most other banks and Govt undertakings.
  • Senior Citizens, Retired Employees and Chitty Prize Money payments can get better rates.

Chitty Security Deposit in Trust (CSDT)

  • Applicable to chitty prize money payments only where the future liability equals or exceeds prize money.
  • Highest interest rates that is better than normal FD rates.
  • Investments are done for a period equaling the remaining of chitty duration.

Short Term Deposits (STD)

  • Deposits for more than 30 days and below 365 days.
  • Interest rate is calculated depending on the number of days investment is done.

Chitty Loans (NCL & PBL)

  • Available for subscribers whose chitty numbers are not prized yet.
  • New Chitty Loan (NCL) is for subscribers of new chitties and the maximum permissible amount is 50% of sala.
  • NCL advances require security covering at least the loan amount.
  • Pass Book Loan (PBL) is for subscribers who have remitted many installments.
  • Maximum permissible amount for PBL is paid up installment value less forman commission (5% of sala) less interest for the remaining duration of chitty.
  • PBL require no other security than the chitty passbook itself.
  • Both type of loanies need to only remit the loan interest monthly as the loan principle can be adjusted from Chitty Prize money amount.

Gold Loan

  • It is the same traditional loan scheme against gold ornaments as security.
  • The loan is very fast and available for everyone with proper identity proof.
  • We offer the safest custody for gold ornaments.
  • We have simple repayment plans including interest only and partial payments.

Reliable Customer Loan (RCL)

  • Yes, the name says it all! Personal loan for our reliable customers.
  • Need surety of some kind covering at least the loan amount.
  • Repayment is annually diminishing with fixed monthly installments.

Consumer Vehicle Loan (CVL)

  • Personal loan for buying household items or vehicles.
  • Loan is available up to 90% of the dealer invoice amount.
  • Need surety of some kind covering at least the loan amount.
  • Repayment is monthly diminishing; interest is calculated as per existing principle balance.


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New Booking Chitties

  • Rs.25,000 x 40 Months = 10 Lakhs
  • Rs.10,000 x 50 Months = 5 Lakhs
  • Rs.2,000 x 100 Months = 2 Lakhs
  • Rs.4,000 x 50 Months = 2 Lakhs
  • Rs.5,000 x 40 Months = 2 Lakhs
  • Rs.2,500 x 40 Months = 1 Lakh
  • Rs.2,000 x 50 Months = 1 Lakh